Ex-Navy SEAL swimming Mississippi River for fallen heroes’ families

On this Veteran’s Day, the nation honors and celebrates those who served and sacrificed in our military. One Navy veteran is doing it a unique way — by swimming the entire length of the Mississippi River, reports CBS Sports Network’s Dana Jacobson.

Chris Ring spends six to eight hours a day, six days a week, swimming down the Mississippi River. At his journey’s end, he will go down as the first American to swim the entire Mississippi, but he says it’s those families and the memory of their loved ones that made it happen.

Though he’s a former Navy SEAL, Chris Ring doesn’t consider himself a strong swimmer.

But every day except Sundays – since the sixth of June – this decorated combat veteran zips up, jumps into the Mississippi River and proves otherwise.

“There’s always that little chill going up the back,” Ring said. “Being comfortable in the water and swimming a long distance. Those are two different things.”

Ring, who served for 10 years, said he did not want to put the service behind him. He started his mission five years ago to bring attention to the families of the fallen.

“I couldn’t imagine anything better than to really raise awareness and honor these fallen heroes,” he said.

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