To US Army CW3 Steve Dwyer's Legacy

100% of Donations to the Link Below Will Go to Steve Dwyer's Family

About Steve Dwyer

Steve Dwyer was an incredible man who made an unforgettable impact as a father, husband, son, family member, teammate, and friend – his love knew no bounds. Steve’s devoted parents and siblings raised him in a loving household and instilled in him the highest sense of noble values. His nurturing upbringing prepared him for excellence at West Point, a place that not only shaped his career but also sharpened his already strong character. Steve’s spirit soared on the rugby pitch and matched the intensity and camaraderie of the game itself. The bonds he forged at West Point would last a lifetime, and his time there prepared him for a storied career in the Army. Steve excelled as an elite helicopter pilot, and he took to the skies with a courage that mirrored the vastness of his fortitude, navigating every operation with precision and grace.

Beyond the uniform, Steve was a dedicated family man who made everyone he crossed paths with feel like his best friend. His presence brought warmth and laughter into the lives of everyone around him. As a father, he loved and cared for his sons above all else, they were his world, and he was theirs. As a husband, he shared a love story that was the envy of many—a testament to the enduring power of a partnership built on trust, respect, and love. Steve was a pillar of support for his family, friends, and teammates and he never missed an opportunity to show his unwavering loyalty and genuine concern for others.

In the tapestry of life, Steve Dwyer’s threads were woven with valor, dedication, and love. As we bid farewell to a hero, let us remember the indelible spirit that defined him. In the laughter of his children, the cheers of Army rugby victories, and the rhythmic thump of helicopter blades, we will be reminded of Steve’s legacy—a legacy of courage, camaraderie, and unwavering love. May his memory be a beacon that guides us through life’s challenges and inspires us to reach new heights, just as he did.

Steve leaves behind a beautiful family consisting of a dedicated wife and three young children that miss him dearly. Your contribution will support them with the means to navigate a future that suddenly became uncertain. We are committed to keeping Steve’s legacy alive.  Let’s stand behind Steve by taking care of his family – he stood on the front lines for all of us.  Let’s all grip hands.

Well done, Steve. Be Thou at Peace.


100% of Donations to the Link Below Will Go to Steve Dwyer's Family