Support for Gold Star Families

Encouragement & Resources

The term “Gold Star” describes a family member who has lost a loved one in military service. The Gold Star first made an appearance during World War I after being placed over a service flag’s blue star when a service member was killed in combat. The Gold Star signified the family’s pride in their loved one’s sacrifice rather than the mourning of their personal loss. Many Gold Star families wear the Gold Star lapel pin to signify their pride. 

Legacies Alive endeavors to provide unwavering support to our nation’s Gold Star families. We do so by connecting Gold Star families and providing them direct support and resources.

Connecting Gold Star Families

Gold Star Family members supporting one another

Through annual events and programs, Legacies Alive provides opportunities for Gold Star families from across the nation to connect. While attending fun social events together, families develop lasting friendships as they share stories, laugh, and celebrate the lives of their fallen heroes.

Direct Support & Relationships

Swim for the Sacrifice Legacy Challenge 2015

Our organization was founded by veterans who are committed to encouraging and strengthening Gold Star families. Many members of our team have lost loved ones, fellow comrades as well as family members. We connect personally with our Gold Star families to provide the support that we know is so critical. We do this in a variety of ways including phone calls, texts, emails, connecting at events, and more. 

Providing Resources

Celebrating Their Legacy Gala 2016

Our organization provides several different resources for Gold Star families, including, but not limited to: 

  • Counseling for family members
  • Referrals to partner organizations
  • Financial aid
  • Travel accommodations for Legacy Events

Needs of families are assessed on a case by case basis. We network with like-minded organizations to best meet the needs of our families.

Are You a Gold Star Family Member?

We are here to support you!