Legacy Heroes

2nd Lieutenant James Patrick Blecksmith

September 26, 1980 – November 11, 2004
2nd Lieutenant, USMC: 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines

James Patrick (J.P.) Blecksmith had unflappable integrity and perseverance – traits that almost made him destined to be a Marine. He was a gifted athlete, a loyal friend, and a fierce patriot. With a great sense of humor, J.P. never took himself too seriously, but had an infinite list of dreams, goals, and aspirations. There was a certain wanderlust to him that fueled unique and varied tastes in music, food, and travel. He was a focused leader and never took his leadership responsibilities lightly.

To J.P., being a Marine was not about him – the medals, the ribbons or the promotions – it was about his Marines and serving this great Country. His greatest satisfaction was putting his Marines in a position to be successful, and then seeing their accomplishments. He loved the physical side of being a Marine and the challenges of long days with little food and water.  J.P. had an enviable ability to live in the moment, to dream big and most importantly, to be doing exactly what he wanted to do – being a Marine.

Legacy Heroes