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John Pelham Heroes Highway Dedication

Location: Corner of Walker Road and Roxbury Avenue, Beaverton, OR
Hero: John Pelham, U.S. Army, SPC, KIA

The Legacy

John PelhamJohn Alexander Pelham was a beloved son, brother and fiancé. Growing up, John had a passion for racquetball, baseball and boy scouts. The impact he had on his community was never more present when almost 1,000 people attended his funeral in Beaverton, OR. SPC John Pelham was on his second tour to Afghanistan with the 3rd Special Forces Group when he was KIA by wounds suffered from an attack by the enemy. His Father, Wendall said, John was “bigger than life and he’ll be bigger than death.” 

The Memorial

The Heroes Highway dedication for John was approved by the Oregon House of Representatives with a vote of 59 yays and 0 nays. John’s legacy will live on and the motto “Live Like John” has become the motto for his family, comrades and the community.

Thanks to generous donations, Legacies Alive was able to contribute $600 to the John Pelham Heroes Highway.

Legacy Projects