Legacy Challenges

Legacy Challenges are specifically designed endeavors that take physical and mental challenges to the extreme. Legacies Alive believes that extreme sacrifice on behalf of the participants is the best way to bring national awareness to its mission. After the current Legacy Challenge is completed we look forward to announce what’s to come…

2020 Legacy Challenge: Mountain Man Memorial March

US Army veteran MSG Ben Linkous will be participating in this year’s “Virtual Mountain Man Memorial March” on Saturday, April 25th in honor of USAF SSGT Dylan Elchin, KIA Afghanistan November 27, 2018.  Ben will be running a full 26.2 mile marathon while wearing a 35lb rucksack honoring the life of Dylan and paying tribute to his family and friends to keep his Legacy Alive.

As the current COVID-19 situation prohibits us from gathering and cheering along Ben and honoring Dylan, we are asking you to hearken back to your youth and be a “per mile” sponsor of Ben’s march.  All proceeds will go to Legacies Alive and support Gold Star Families.  Any amount large or small makes an impact.

All sponsors and donors will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a Alejandro Villanueva of the Pittsburgh Steelers autographed Salute to Service NFL Jersey, MSG Ben Linkous’ Rucksack from his 26.2 mile march and numerous other Legacies Alive apparel items!

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2017 Legacy Challenge: Cycle to Celebrate

Legacies Alive is thrilled to announce our 3 rd Legacy Challenge, “Cycle to Celebrate.” We are even more thrilled to announce our 3 rd Challenger, Gold Star Mother Kaye Jordan!

The Mission: Cycle to Celebrate will be a Gold Star Mother’s biking journey from San Diego across the country to One World Trade Center NYC.

The Goal: To meet and connect with as many Gold Star Families as possible. This anticipated 4 month journey will begin in San Diego on June 11 th , 2017 and conclude whenever Kaye cycles her way into One World Trade Center, where the 9/11 Memorial resides.

How did this idea come about? A few months ago Kaye approached Mike Viti as she felt deep in her soul she wanted to do something. Something big. She felt it was time for a Gold Star Family Member to step up and take on a Legacy Challenge. Kaye wanted to make herself available because life becomes a lonely walk for a Gold Star Family Member. Since becoming a part of the Legacies Alive Family Kaye feels connected, she feels more passionate than ever to help, to keep moving forward.

Kaye knows she does not have all the answers on how to live with this unwanted title forever attached to her name, but accepting this Legacy Challenge is on her heart and there is no looking back! Kaye will tell you this journey is about our military and the ultimate sacrifices that have been made for us. Our fallen soldiers deserve it.

Kaye and Gold Star Families all across America DO NOT want their family members and their sacrifice to be forgotten. She is eager to exchange stories of fallen loved ones and also hopes to remind other Gold Star Families they are not alone. Kaye shared with us that she still does not know how to completely deal with her loss. Her journey of healing since she lost Austin is a never ending one, however the whole purpose for her in being this year’s challenger is to connect with as many Gold Star Families so maybe, just maybe, they can figure it out (or perhaps not figure it out) together. Kaye has been training and preparing since December 2016. In the coming weeks and leading up to the kick off, we will share more of this process with you.

We will also share co-founders Mike Viti and Mark Faldowski’s thoughts on how this came to fruition. We will get input from Swim for Their Sacrifice challenger Chris Ring. We will talk to Kaye’s friends and family about their hopes and concerns for Kaye. Through all of it on
e thing is certain . . . There is no better person to carry on the Legacy Challenge torch than Kaye Jordan. Stayed tuned for information on how you can join Kaye’s team, what you can do to help, and where all her journey will take her!!!

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C2C - Follow Kay and Mike's Journey Across America

2015 Legacy Challenge: Swim For Their Sacrifice


Legacies Alive’s 2015 Legacy Challenge is “Swim For Their Sacrifice”! We are very excited to be sponsoring Navy combat veteran, Chris Ring as he swims the entire length of the Mississippi River to honor our fallen heroes and the Gold Star Families they left behind.

On June 6th, 2015, the anniversary of D-Day Chris began his 6 month, 2552 mile swim down the Mighty Mississippi at Lake Itasca in Itasca, Minnesota. During his journey he will average 6.5 hours in the water and 14 miles a day finishing the swim at Mile Marker 0 where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico.

Chris recently received an honorable discharge from the Navy after over 10 years of service and deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. He and his incredible wife have a burning desire to keep the legacies of our fallen heroes alive and to specifically bring awareness to the Gold Star Family members they left behind. Upon the end of our 2014 Legacy Challenge, Chris volunteered to join the Legacies Alive team and came up with the idea to swim the Mississippi River as the next Legacy Challenge and the rest is history.

The mission is to honor the sacrifice of our nation’s fallen heroes and the Gold Star Families they left behind. During the 6 month journey Chris and our Swim Team will meet and connect with Gold Star Families along the way. By leveraging media and supporters our goal is to raise national awareness as to what a Gold Star symbolizes and when the average American hears the term Gold Star Family or see’s the Gold Star symbol they know the sacrifice these families have had to endure.

Once Chris completes the Swim For Their Sacrifice in mid-late November he will become the 1st American and only the second person to ever swim the entire length of the Mississippi River!

2014 Legacy Challenge: Mike's Hiking For Heroes


Mike’s Hiking For Heroes was our first ever Legacy Challenge. On April 26th, 2015 our co-founder, Mike Viti began his 6 month journey in DuPont, WA. Hiking an average of 25 miles a day, Mike walked around the perimeter of the United States of America covering over 7,100 kilometers, or 4,400 miles honoring the 6,843 service members who were killed in the Global War on Terrorism and ending on December 13th, 2014 at the Army-Navy game in Baltimore, MD.

Throughout the hike Mike and his Director of Operations, Alex Larson, meet with 65 Gold Star Families and united Americans as they remembered the sacrifices of our men and women who gave their lives for our freedom. Mike’s Hiking For Heroes gained national awareness through television coverage on CBS during the 2014 Army-Navy game.